Food is what we are becoming increasingly famous for. Not only in Yeovil but also the surrounding area, bringing in customers from 10, 20, 30 miles plus away. Part of the reason for our wonderful success is our continuity in our kitchen staff. Sarah, co-owner, along with Head Chef Sean, oversees all in this area. Sarah’s 20 plus years in the catering industry, 18 of them here at the Pen Mill. Sean is in his 12th straight year as Head Chef, they certainly know what they’re doing in this all-important area. Making it even more of a family-run business, we also have Harry Palmer, Jon & Sarah’s son with almost 10 years’ experience in the Pen Mill kitchen. With a total of 40 years plus expertise in one kitchen, you can now possibly understand our success! 

We are not a ‘fancy pants’ establishment. Not in the least. We offer good quality, home-cooked, locally sourced (where possible) food. 90% of our menu is made on the premises. Certainly not ‘Pub Grub’ but not ‘Gastro Pub’ either. It’s good value for money. However, our standards are high, very high. Not only in the quality of the food that comes into and leaves the kitchen but also in the presentation, the delivery to the table and overall customer service. We’re definitely not ‘Silver Service’ either but all of our staff are attentive, smartly dressed and will always go that extra mile wherever they can.  

We are now in our thirteenth straight year of trading with a local, high street family butcher. During this time a strong understanding of each other's business has grown and the only meat that is supplied to the Pen Mill Hotel is (without even asking) only of the highest quality, from our luxury pork pies we sell on the bar to the tastiest, tenderest rib-eye steaks!  

Local, independent suppliers are of huge importance to us at the Pen Mill (being independent and family-run ourselves). Wherever possible we source local produce thus, helping the local economy which, in turn helps us. 

Gluten-Free dishes have been greatly improved on our new menus with well over 50% of meals now available GF, even Burgers! This number is growing all the time. 2019’s Christmas menu was 90% GF. More often than not, customers don’t realise that they are even eating GF.  

There are selection of menus available.  

Breakfast Menu (for Non-Residents) is served from 9.00am until 11.30am.
Snack & Two Course Menu is available Monday to Saturday from 12pm until 6pm.
Main / Restaurant Menu along with the ever-changing Specials Board available Monday to Saturday from 12pm until 9pm.
Carvery is served on a Wednesday and Friday Evenings from 5pm until 9pm alongside our Main / Restaurant Menu. Our infamous Sunday Carvery is served from 12pm until 8pm.
Whilst the Sunday Carvery is being served, we run our reduced Sunday Carvery Menu enabling plenty of choice for those who don't fancy a traditional, home-cooked British Sunday roast. 

Please Note:  
We are generally very busy and booking a table is always very advisable. Especially if you are a larger party.  
Sundays are a day where it is almost essential to book a table. Whether you want a table at 12.30pm or 7.30pm, please book!  On Sundays, we can only offer times slots of 1 ½ hours, with the only exception of the last bookings of the day around 7.00pm onwards. We use every table and chair and so after your meal, it is very unlikely that there will be any areas for you to sit. Sorry. I did say we are popular. However, this does not impact on the quality of food, drink or service.  

You must tell us of any allergies you have, every time you order. please do not assume we’ll remember. even if you come in every day or you are certain that your allergy won’t be present in the dish. whilst every care is taken in the kitchen, cross-contamination can happen and we need to make sure we take even more steps to ensure this will not be the case.  nb. our food hygiene rating is and always has been 5*.  

Courtesy Note: Table Decorations & Birthday Cakes

You are more than welcome to bring balloons and banners down to decorate your table. However, banners must be used as table runners and not stuck to the walls. 

You are more than welcome to bring in a birthday cake and we will happily store this as safely as we can and bring it out when requested. We do not charge for this service. Please bring these items down on the day as we are not blessed with lots of space to store these items. Thank you. 

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